Our WG IV/9 events at the ISPRS congress (6-11 June 2022), Nice, France

Our WG IV/9 events at the ISPRS congress (6-11 June 2022), Nice, France

The XXIV ISPRS Congress will take place 6-11 June 2022 in Nice, France. Our working group hosting the following sessions hosting the conference (the complete programme is available here). 


TUE 7th June, 11:00-12:30
Geovisualization and extended reality

Projective Multitexturing Of Current 3D City Models And Point Clouds With Many Historical Images, M. Brédif

Improving 3D Pedestrian Detection for Wearable Sensor Data With 2D Human Pose, V. Kamalasanan 

Virtual Element Retrieval In Mixed Reality, M. Radanovic

Pose Estimation Through Mask-R CNN And VSLAM In Large-Scale Outdoors Augmented Reality, A. Boutsi

Virtual Data Sphere: Inverse Stereographic Projection For Immersive Multi-Perspective Geovisualization, M. Spur

Interaction And Visualization Design Considerations For Gaze-Guided Communication In Collaborative Extended Reality, A. Cöltekin

Wed 8th June, 9:00-10:30
Digital twins: Vision papers

Twins For Cities, L. Thuvander

The Future Of Urban Living, N. Holliman

Panel Session

Thu 8th June, 9:00-10:30
Digital twins: Case studies

State Departments Of Transportation’s Vision Toward Digital Twins: Investigation Of Roadside Asset Data Management Current Practices And Future Requirements, A. Ammar

Visually Annotated Responsive Digital Twins for Remote Collaboration in Mixed Reality Environments, K. Koebel

Digital Twinning In The Ocean — Challenges In Multimodal Sensing And Multiscale Fusion Based On Faithful Visual Models, V. Grossmann

Exploring Digital Twin Adaptation To The Urban Environment: Comparison With Cim To Avoid Silo-Based Approaches, A. Depretre

Virtually Throwing Benchmarks Into The Ocean For Deep Sea Photogrammetry And Image Processing Evaluation, Y. Song

Hybrid Aerial Sensor Data As Basis For A Geospatial Digital Twin, U. Bacher 

Computer Vision System For Detecting Orchard Trees From UAV Images, B. Leblon


Wed 8th June, 16:00-17:30 – Digital Twins 

Wed 8th June, 16:00-17:30 – Spatial Information Science

Thu 9th June, 16:00-17:30 – Spatial Information Science



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