ICA – ISPRS Joint Sessions on Web based Geovisualisation – call for papers due 1st of Nov

The ICA 2013 conference to be held in Dresden, Germany 25-30th August (www.icc2013.org) will provide a forum for the presentation of scientific papers illustrating the efforts  of  the research  community,  professional  papers  describing the  cutting‐edge  methods  employed  by  mapping organisations, meetings of the ICA Commissions and Working Groups, furthering their international collaborative efforts to advance knowledge and techniques.

The joint sessions of the ICA and ISPRS will provide a forum for presenting papers that advance the knowledge and techniques of geovisualization in web and cloud based environments. The sessions are co‐organized by the ISPRS working groups IV/5 Web and Cloud Based Geospatial Services and Applications and II/6 Geovisualization for Spatial Analytical and Cognitive Processes in conjunction with the ICA 2013 Conference.

Presentations should cover aspects of web based geovisualization. Some topics of interest in relation to the conference themes include:

•   T3 GeoVisualization, Augmented and Virtual Reality

•   T4 Maps and the Internet

•   T17 Maps, GIS & Hazards and Disasters

•   T22 Open Source Technology and Web Services

•   T23 Intellectual Property Rights and Economical issues

•   T24 Marketing and publishing

•   T25 Digital Technologies and Cartographic Heritage

•   Other related conference topics and themes

Submissions are to be made via the ICA 2013 web site at:  www.icc2013.org/?node=13 and can be put forward as abstracts or full papers. Selected quality submissions will be invited to be extended for peer review and inclusion for publication in a special  issue of  a  quality  journal  such  as  The  Cartographic  Journal,  Cartographica,  Cartography  and  Geoinformation Science (CaGIS) and Kartographische Nachrichten (which publishes in both German and English.

Please be aware of the deadlines for submission which are as per the web site.

Natural Resource Knowledge and Information Management via the Victorian Resources Online Website

The third second of a series of papers as part of a special issue of the Open Access Journal Future Internet on the theme “Internet and Landscapes“, as edited by the ISPRS Working II/6 on Geographical Visualization and Virtual Reality (Chris Pettit and Arzu Coltekin) has now been published by Mark Imhof, Matthew Cox, Angela Fadersen, Wayne Harvey, Sonia Thompson, David Rees and Christopher Pettit. The paper presents a natural resource knowledge website, known as Victoria Resources Online (VRO).  VRO is a significant web resource, which comprises over 11,000 pages, 1,900 maps and 1,000 downloadable documents compiled since 1997. The paper discusses the importance of such online resources as a way of capturing and managing expert domain knowledge pertaining to soil and landscapes. More recently VRO is deploying a number of interactive visualisation products for providing a richer multimedia experience to users. The full manuscript can be accessed via the journal through the following link: http://www.mdpi.com/1999-5903/3/4/248/