Our Mission

ISPRS WG IV/5 aims to advance the fields of visual analytics, geographic visualization, extended (virtual/augmented and mixed) reality with the highest scientific standards, and best practices. Our goal is to cover science, design and technology perspectives in relation to all scientific domains that are related to extended reality and visual analytics. Our mission includes the specific points below:

  1. Engaging in science, research, education and training, and capacity building, in line with the overall strategy of the ISPRS
  2. Transferring knowledge and expertise through conferences, workshops, publications and other appropriate online and offline channels
  3. Collaborating with other ISPRS commissions and working groups, and sister societies (e.g., the ICA, GeoforAll, IEEE’s Vis, ISMAR and VR, etc.)
  4. Development and evaluation of new extended reality tools for exploring phenomena considering dimensions of space, place and time, and promoting their use
  5. Exploring new visualization techniques and tools for visualizing:
    1. Heterogeneous geographical data coming from high-resolution sensors (e.g. images, 3D models, LiDAR, raw data, etc.)
    2. Building information modelling (BIM) within a traditional geographic information system (GIS)
    3. Big data sets produced through crowd-sourcing and social media and the further opening of government data repositories
  6. Investigating the effectiveness and usefulness of various geovisualizations, visual analytics software environments and extended reality applications, e.g., regarding visual complexity and decision-making processes

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