The three special activities at the ISPRS2020 Nice (FR): Two theme sessions & one tutorial

An active ISPRS Congress is ahead of us! Our working group will chair several regular sessions (we are the ‘area chair’ for geovisualization, virtual and augmented reality sessions), two theme sessions and offer one tutorial. Both for regular sessions and theme sessions, you are welcome to use the congress’ interface to submit your contributions by 3rd of February, 2010 start here:

The tutorial does not require contributions but at some point you will need to sign up for it. What tutorial, you might ask. Below you can find the information on both the two theme sessions and the tutorial:

1) Thematic session Digital twins: Vision papers
Arzu Çöltekin, Chris Pettit, Sidonie Christophe and Victoria Rautenbach

2) Thematic session SimVisu: Visualization of complex spatio-temporal data & phenomena

3) Tutorial: An open catalogue for geospatial educational resources


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