Tutorial at the ISPRS congress: Open content for geospatial education

Tutorial at the ISPRS congress: Open content for geospatial education

An open catalogue for geospatial educational resources  
Tutorial presenters: Serena Coetzee, Victoria Rautenbach, Arzu Çöltekin, Chris Pettit, Sidonie Christophe, Marguerite Madden, Ochiroo Lkhamjav

Existing geospatial educational resources (e.g. electronic textbooks, tutorials, and quizzes) are not always easy to find and to integrate into an academic module, amongst others, because the required metadata is not available. As a consequence, simple search attempts do not bring us to these resources, and we miss out on some material that may be very useful in teaching and learning. As part of the ISPRS Education and Capacity Building Initiatives 2018, we developed a searchable catalogue of existing geospatial educational resources that can be used by communities, such as ISPRS or GeoForAll, universities and other educational institutions. The catalogue indexes geospatial educational resources so that the resources can be searched and discovered. Based on the metadata, educators can select appropriate educational resources for integration into an educational event, such as an online course or a module at university level.

During this tutorial, participants will learn how to add, edit and search for educational resources in the pilot catalogue. Subsequently, we will discuss the usability of the metadata elements selected for the prototype and come up with recommendations to improve the overall usability of the catalogue. At the moment, some of the elements are not self-explanatory and would be a barrier for wider use. Additionally, the tutorial will be used to plan the future and next phase of the catalogue.

Following topics will be covered during the tutorial:

• Overview of the pilot catalogue of geospatial educational resources, including how to add and update resources, and how to search for resources
• Review of metadata standards for describing educational resources
• Discussion of the metadata element used in the pilot catalogue
• Discussion on the future and next phase of the catalogue

Target audience: Educators at secondary and tertiary level
Expected number of participants: 40 participants
Duration: Half day session

Resources that will be distributed: The pilot catalogue (https://isprs.education/) is available online and metadata standards for describing educational resources will be made available electronically. Participants have to bring their own laptops.

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