High Quality Geographic Services and Bandwidth Limitations

The fifth of a series of papers as part of a special issue of the Open Access JournalĀ Future Internet on the theme “Internet and Landscapes“, as edited by the ISPRS Working II/6 on Geographical Visualization and Virtual Reality (Chris Pettit and Arzu Coltekin) has now been published by Arzu Coltekin and Tumasch Reichenbacher. This paper provides a critical overview of the state of the art in human-centric intelligent data management approaches for geographic visualizations when faced with bandwidth limitations. With vast amounts of geographic data now available to be visualized and transmitted via the Internet, network performance and response times are more critical in determining appropriate cartographic solutions. The paper provides some metrics on network performance in downloading geographic data, summarises software and hardware solutions and outlines relevant social issues associated with the digital divide. The full manuscript can be accessed via the journal through the following link: http://www.mdpi.com/1999-5903/3/4/379/