Natural Resource Knowledge and Information Management via the Victorian Resources Online Website

The third second of a series of papers as part of a special issue of the Open Access Journal¬†Future Internet on the theme “Internet and Landscapes“, as edited by the ISPRS Working II/6 on Geographical Visualization and Virtual Reality (Chris Pettit and Arzu Coltekin) has now been published by Mark Imhof, Matthew Cox, Angela Fadersen, Wayne Harvey, Sonia Thompson, David Rees and Christopher Pettit. The paper presents a natural resource knowledge website, known as Victoria Resources Online (VRO).¬† VRO is a significant web resource, which comprises over 11,000 pages, 1,900 maps and 1,000 downloadable documents compiled since 1997. The paper discusses the importance of such online resources as a way of capturing and managing expert domain knowledge pertaining to soil and landscapes. More recently VRO is deploying a number of interactive visualisation products for providing a richer multimedia experience to users. The full manuscript can be accessed via the journal through the following link: