LiDAR and Historic Landscape Visualization

LiDAR and Historic Landscape Visualization

A Virtual Stonehenge Landscape from Wessex Archaeology on Vimeo.

LiDAR is becoming a common way to scan and visualize hidden parts of the the landscape and results of a LiDAR survey around the area of Stonehenge in the United Kingdom are a case in point.

Prehistoric burial mounds (barrows), the great Cursus (a 2km Neolithic monument), the Bronze Age Avenue which links Stonehenge to the River Avon, and other henges such as Woodhenge and Durrington Walls are all clearly visible.

The movie was produced by Tom Goskar from Wessex Archaeology

To find out more technical information about the survey, visit the Stonehenge LiDAR section of the English Heritage website.

See Tom’s blog entry for more information.

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