First call for participation: “Workshop Virtual Globes or Virtual Geographical Reality: How much detail does a digital earth require?”

Dr Arzu Coltekin from our working group and Professor Keith Clarke, University of California, are organising a ASPRS/AutoCarto 2010 Workshop, November 16th, 2010, Orlando, Florida, USA:

This workshop brings together experts from different yet related areas of geographic sciences, visual analytics and information visualization with the aim of producing a research agenda for level-of-detail (LOD) and information display-related issues for geovirtual environments (GeoVEs) and virtual globes. Many aspects from production to visualization and semantics will be covered.

Topics: (but not limited to):

. Theories and Vision of Digital Earth
. Data Acquisition and Sources
. Data Integration (Multiple Sensors, VGI and ‘formal’ data)
. Modeling, Simulation, Visualization
. Level of Detail and Information Density
. Visual Complexity and Visual Analytics
. Display Types (Small and Large Displays, 2D and 3D Displays, Limitations,
. Users and Applications of GeoVEs and Digital Globes

For registration visi:

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