After the Paris workshop on “Persistent problems in geographic visualization”

Slightly late to report this but better than never: back about eight weeks ago, our joint workshop with ICA Commission on GeoVisualization ( in Paris on July 2nd, 2011 was a success. At least we enjoyed it, and seemingly most of our participants did too. The meeting took place on a Saturday and lasted the entire day from 9.30 to 5pm, with thirteen presentations (enjoying work, especially on a Saturday, caused some ‘workaholism’ comments but no one openly admitted to it). We focused on various very interesting topics that were brought up by the presenters. Topics varied from big picture ‘meaning’ of our work to focused and narrow research questions, from theoretical considerations to immediate and applied themes. All presentations stimulated lively discussion. The list of presenters and a link to abstracts of their talks can be seen here: The word-cloud (visualization based on word frequency) of the submitted extended abstracts below shows the topics that has been most mentioned, at least in writing.

A word cloud of the submitted abstracts indicates the topics convered during the workshop.
A word cloud of the submitted abstracts indicates the topics covered during the workshop (cloud produced using

Apart from the presentations, the formation of a new ICA commission on Cognitive Issues in Geographic Information Visualization (CogVis) was announced (led by Sara Fabrikant and Amy Griffin). Participants have exchanged many ideas as well as business cards (one of our participants actually called the meeting ‘inspiringafter the workshop). Don’t miss the next one!

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