Tool or Toy? Virtual Globes in Landscape Planning

The second of a series of papers as part of a special issue of the Open Access Journal Future Internet on the theme “Internet and Landscapes“, as edited by the ISPRS Working II/6 on Geographical Visualization and Virtual Reality (Chris Pettit and Arzu Coltekin) has now been published by Olaf Schroth, Ellen Pond, Cam Cambell, Petr Cizek, Stephen Bohus and Stephen R.J. Sheppard. The paper investigates the limitations associated with virtual globe technology in two grassroots and a collaborative visioning process. The authors conclude by summarising there are some benefits in providing information access, awareness raising, and providing a more representative virtual landscape than static visualisations. However, there are issues in representation across scales and not all types of users seem to benefit from the tool.
The full manuscript can be accessed via the journal through the following link:

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