Two geovisualization related TEDx talk you may want to see

Below are two TEDx talks by fellow geovisualization/GIScience folks with two different focuses we just had to share with you:

Here, Mark Graham (Uni Oxford) talks about “Internet and information geographies, and the overlaps between ICTs and economic development” with plenty of visuals (~22min): TEDxBradford – Mark Graham – Internet & Information Geographies

And here, Jo Wood (City Uni, London) talks about bikes! 16 million journeys by bike in London, with beautiful visualizations (~15 min): London Moves, visualising 16 million cycle journeys across the UK capital: Jo Wood at TEDxEastEnd

ps. I also gave a TEDx talk back a year ago or so here in Zurich on interdisciplinary science with a ‘geo’ spin, seems like TEDx communities like maps! Let us know if there are other TED or TEDx talks out there which may be relevant to geovisualization/GIScience/Virtual & Augmented Reality, we could make a ‘playlist’.

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