Maps and visualizations of 2013 – a meta review

Maps and visualizations of 2013 – a meta review

Towards the end of the year (and as 2014 began crawling), we’ve seen a number of map and visualization reviews online. Instead of making another one, we decided to ‘bookmark’ them here for you, i.e. here’s a list of five places that offered the ‘year in review’ (in no particular order):

  • Wired’s Map Lab created a gallery of “The Most Amazing, Beautiful and Viral Maps of the Year“. There are 15 of them.
  • Gizmodo selected “13 Best maps of 2013.
  • The Atlantic offered their 10 “favorite maps of 2013“.
  • “Cartonerd” found 11 of them — Here are his favourite (yep, he spells it in English English) maps:
  • Smarthive decided that these six maps were an expression of “excellence in cartography visualization” (I have to admit I find “cartography visualization” a bit odd as a term .. isn’t it “cartographic visualization”? — but nitpicking aside, they picked some really interesting maps).
  • Now I know I said five, and the above five are indeed on maps/geovis. But here are three bonuses; they are visualizations/images and among them are also (many) maps:

  • Bonus 1) Here Flowing data reviews “data and visualizations” in 2013
  • Flowing data's graphic

  • Bonus 2) Here Wired again, but this time “The Most Amazing Images NASA Took of Earth From Space This Year” (they are really cool!)
  • Bonus 3) The Wire (well it ain’t the same!) collected their pick of “The Best Charts of 2013
  • Enjoy! We wish you a great 2014! 🙂

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