ISPRS Scientific Initiative – Open Data Challenge

ISPRS Scientific Initiative – Open Data Challenge
Smart cards have been widely used in mass transit fare payment systems. They produce large quantities of AFC (Auto Fare Collection) data such as smart card ID, onboard time, and fares. Smart card data together with bus GPS trajectory data can be very useful not only to detect individual travel behavior, but for public transit planning, and many other applications.
The ISPRS open data challenge 2015 aims at promoting research and excellent work on open data, and encourages creative ideas. Over one million AFC data collected by transit smart cards in a metropolis area will be provided, together with some bus GPS trajectories. Participants will be required to identify bus stops, passenger alighting stations, and then finish a project using the data with open software. It is expected that a series benchmark algorithms will be opened to the research community, and foster new ideas and works.
The contest contains a qualification round and a final round. Since most bus companies adopt the flat fare system, only boarding information was recorded in AFC. In the qualification round, participants need to finish algorithms to identify bus stops and passenger alighting stations from over one million anonymous AFC data and associated bus trajectories in a metropolis area. Top-10 teams will be invited to attend the final round competition. The winner teams could obtain a free copy of the above dataset and will be authorized to use the data for non-commercial usage. In the final round, each team will be required to design a creative project using the above data and any other open data with open software. The first place team will receive CNY5,000, the second places will receive CNY3,000, and the third places will receive CNY1,000. In addition to the prizes, the winner teams will be invited to submit a special issue paper to a workshop about spatiotemporal data mining and visualization which is planned to be held in Shenzhen at the end of this year. Some travel grants will be provided to the winner teams.
Important Dates:
Registration: By June 30
Qualification Round (QR): By July 25
Announcement of the QR Results: By July 31
Final Round (FR): August 1 to September 30
Announcement of the FR Results and Rewards: Around October 15
Workshop and Awarding Ceremony: Middle of December
Organizer: ISPRS WGII/7: Intelligent Spatial Decision Support
Chair: Prof. Qingquan Li (Shenzhen University)
Local Chair: Dr. Yang Yue
System Officers: Dr. Xiaomeng Chang, Mr. Jinyun Xie, Mr. Chenglin Ma
Data Officers: Dr. Wei Tu, Mr. Rui Cao
Program Committees:
Contact email:

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