Our Geovis’15 workshop in France was a success!

Our Geovis’15 workshop in France was a success!

Our workshop in France held during the Geospatial week, titled Geovis’15 was very well received! The workshop was organized Sidonie Christophe (co-chair of the ICA Cognitive Visualization Commission) and myself (Arzu Coltekin, co-chair of this ISPRS WG II/6 Geovisualization and Virtual Reality). Furthermore, it was also supported by the ICA’s Commission on Geovisualization.

The program of the workshop:
Annals papers (all Geospatial week):
Our introduction to the Geovis section in Annals: http://www.isprs-ann-photogramm-remote-sens-spatial-inf-sci.net/II-3-W5/497/2015/isprsannals-II-3-W5-497-2015.pdf
Archives papers (all Geospatial week)

Our Geovis’15 keynote speaker was Dr. Clare Davies from the UK. She is a psychologist with a strong background working with Geo-professionals.
The two chairs of the event were Sidonie Christophe and Arzu Coltekin.
Scientific Committee members from all over the world made this event a high quality gathering.

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