Final call for participation: Persistent problems in geographic visualization, ICC2011 Workshop on July 2nd 2011, Paris

Final call for participation, 1 pages submission are due 30th April

“Persistent problems in geographic visualization”
ICC2011 Workshop on July 2nd 2011, Paris

Organized by ICA commission on GeoVisualization
in collaboration with
ISPRS WG II/6 Geographical Visualization and Virtual Reality

Synopsis: In this one-day workshop, we seek to identify and
communicate about persisting research challenges in geographic
visualization and geo-visual analytics amongst peers. Participants are
expected to present work in progress towards solving a problem, or a
design issue (rather than reporting results) and contribute to the
discussion that follows. The objective is to determine ongoing
research challenges and discuss progress towards addressing these in a
forum that will provide instant feedback from peers, and through which
collaborators for future work can be identified.

Participation: Please formulate a brief ‘problem statement’,
identifying the persistent problem and your work towards or ideas on
addressing it. This should be no longer than 1-page and should
describe a discussion item or an issue on which you need feedback from
your peers. Topics should be in your area of expertise, which you can
present with sufficient background information. Submit the document by
April 30th, 2011 at the latest. Text should be submitted in an email
attachment in PDF format at gennady.andrienko at
with a cc to arzu.coltekin at and subject line should
include “Paris ICA2011 workshop”

The venue: Paris (University of geography), details to be provided

Further details to be published at and and announced in the
second call.

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