Part II: Interactive presentations at the ISPRS congress (12-19 July 2016), Prague, Czech Republic

This is the Part II of a blog post (Part I features the tutorial and oral sessions), in which we feature the interactive presentations at the ISPRS 2016 Congress (12-19 July, Prague).

    ISPRS Prague 2016

Our WG activities have been well-received and we had many submissions. Based on reviewer recommendations we selected some of them for oral presentations, and some of them for interactive presentations. Below you can see the interactive presentations:

WED 13th July, 15.00-16.30
ThS16 Perceptual and Cognitive experiments with imagery and 3D models
Interactive sessions (also see oral sessions)

ThS17 THU 14th July 15:00-16:30
Smart Cities
Interactive sessions (also see oral sessions)

FRI 15th July 15:00-16:30
Geographical Visualization and Virtual Reality
Interactive sessions (also see oral sessions)

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